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eclisse, between you and the sun.
eclisse, between you and the sun.
eclisse, between you and the sun.
eclisse, between you and the sun.
eclisse, between you and the sun.
eclisse, between you and the sun.

Don’t Fall for the Cooler Weather: The Timeless Importance of Sun Protection

As the leaves change colors and the air turns crisper, it’s easy to assume that the threat of sun damage to our skin diminishes. However, the truth is, safeguarding your skin from the aging effects of the sun remains just as crucial in cooler weather. In this blog, we’ll explore why protecting your skin from UV radiation should never take a back seat, regardless of the season.

The Perpetual Menace of UV Rays is an everyday occurrence. It is the commitment to everyday sun protection 365 days per year that separates those that seem to defy their actual age from those who fight the battle of premature aging. 

 Despite the temperature drop, UV rays are a constant presence. 

UVA Rays Age you

UVB Rays Burn you

UVA rays penetrate deep into the dermis and break down collagen and elastin. UVA Rays are the sneaky rays. You don’t see the damage until much later.  The day in and day out of UVA exposure eventually shows up in the form of wrinkles and crepey skin. We have to be diligent to protect not just our faces but all areas that are exposed to the sun.  The main places people see damage and premature aging are on the face, neck, decollete, arms and the back of the hands. 

UVB Rays Burn you.  UVB are responsible for your skin changing color. Whether it is a tan or a burn you are damaging your skin. UVB Rays stimulate your melanocytes which are changing the melanin/pigmentation of your skin. Too much exposure to UVB rays causes dark spots or hyperpigmentation and also contributes to skin cancers like melanoma.       

No one is immune to sun damage. The sun does not discriminate

If you have skin, you are affected by the damaging rays of the sun. The most important factor in a solid anti-aging beauty routine is an obsessive commitment to sun protection 365 days per year. Make sure your beauty kit is filled with SPF and UPF.  We have SPF in our makeup bags, eclisse everywhere gloves in our cars, a selection of eclisse tops in all prints and colors in our closets. Preparation is the key to success.  


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