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If you haven't noticed we are kind of obsessed with great skin. We're here for all the tips, tricks, and tidbits to help us keep our skin glowing forever, and that means going deeper than your average SPF and elevating to UPF. Stay up to date with the latest information on protecting your skin from damaging UV rays (A+B) and why simply SPF is just not good enough for us. 

The Secrets to Youthful Skin

Achieving skin you love isn't as complicated as it seems. While the beauty industry offers a myriad of products for your skin, there are key ingredients that are essential for...

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Don’t Fall for the Cooler Weather: The Timeless Importance of Sun Protection

As the leaves change colors and the air turns crisper, it’s easy to assume that the threat of sun damage to our skin diminishes. However, the truth is, safeguarding your...

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Skincare on the Runway at New York Fashion Week

Long before eclisse was born I have always dreamed about going to New York Fashion Week with my daughter. I have pictures of NYFW all over my vision board.  When I launched eclisse,...

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Not all parts are created equal.

It is important that you include eclisse in your daily routine to pay attention to and protect the delicate areas of your body that tend to show the signs of...

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It’s never to late

And it is never too late.  If you are just becoming committed to Sun Protection you can turn back the hands of time. Consult with your beauty coach/esthetician about the...

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eclisse fabrics

All of eclisse fabrics are certified with a UPF Factor. UPF stands for Ultra Protection Factor and is a rating given to specific fabrics for sun protection. The UPF factor...

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Hyper-pigmentation and Age Spots

The foundation industry has made a fortune on hyper pigmentation. Women everywhere work hard to cover up those pesky ‘spots’ on their face. These spots are not limited to your...

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It’s the Daily Drops

It is those daily drops of UV exposure that you might not see today or tomorrow but years from now it will show up in the form of wrinkles, age...

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