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eclisse, between you and the sun.
eclisse, between you and the sun.
eclisse, between you and the sun.
eclisse, between you and the sun.
eclisse, between you and the sun.
eclisse, between you and the sun.

Skincare on the Runway at New York Fashion Week


Writing the title of this blog is so surreal. 


Long before eclisse was born I have always dreamed about going to New York Fashion Week with my daughter. I have pictures of NYFW all over my vision board.  When I launched eclisse, I began scripting and vision boarding everything I wanted to accomplish for this brand. On my vision board are images of women of all ages wearing our clothes to protect their skin, snapshots of fashion designers being interviewed or published in top fashion magazines, and, of course, pictures of the creme de la creme, the iconic New York Fashion Week

When I met Julie Xander (@LifestyleJules), a respected influencer who has now become a dear friend of mine, I wasn’t really that surprised that she wanted to share eclisse with her connection at New York Fashion Week. Why? Because I totally manifested this! It was in that moment that I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude knowing that we really can manifest anything we want in life; we all have the power to think it, speak it and live it. 

The week my daughter and I spent in New York City for NYFW was a total 'pinch me' week; I was living my daydream. From the model castings, to the wardrobe fittings and show runthrough, to being surrounded by the buzz and energy of New York City was just so fun! It is now on the list of 'amazing life experiences’ and we can’t wait to do it again.

The entire week was nearly perfect, other than a few hiccups: we had some models cancel last minute, which meant we had to find new models, confirm their sizes, organize new outfits, and make sure they were up to speed on how our show would run. It was crazy and chaotic but worked out perfectly in the end. Of course it did :)

Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you. 

Here is one of my favorite stories from the trip…


After one of the original models had canceled, another model had reached out to us on social media. Turns out that this model is also a Board Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Sophia Akhiyat. She reached out to us on social media because she loved the idea of sun protective clothing on the runway! How amazing is that?! Dr. Sophia ended up walking in our show and was a total slay!  

The show was a total success and my vision became a reality. eclisse, a skincare brand, was featured on the runway at New York Fashion Week.

We have received so many wonderful messages, felt all of your support since our launch in July, and have loved seeing all of you wearing your eclisse. None of this would have happened without all of the amazing friends and family that surround eclisse.


Thank you so much, we love you all!! 

You can watch the replay of the show here. 

NYFW eclisse Runway Show 




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