What is eclisse?

eclisse is luxury sun protection, a skin care brand that you wear. eclisse is for the woman who is intentional about her anti-aging beauty routine and pays close attention to her style. Our products are thoughtfully curated to be that chic addition to your daily beauty routine that is the final ingredient in keeping your skin protected day by day, event by event. Whether you are walking, hiking, running errands or touring the city, eclisse will make sure you are protected without compromising fashion and style.

Why do you need eclisse in your beauty routine?

Beautiful skin starts with a commitment to sun protection. Sun exposure accelerates the aging process and is responsible for up to 70% of your skin aging. 95% of the UV Rays that reach the ground are UVA Rays. UVA rays penetrate the skin and lead to premature aging, wrinkles, age-spots and hyper-pigmentation. eclisse fabrics are certified UPF, Ultra Protection Factor, which means they protect you from the aging rays of the sun.

eclisse, The Name

The name eclisse means eclipse in italian. eclisse products stand between you and the sun to protect you from the aging effects of UV Exposure. 

The eclisse logo script is the handwriting of our founder, Wendee’s late mother, Dale. Her handwriting was recognizable to so many as she loved to write cards to the people special to her. She was light and love to anyone who knew her and curating her script into our logo will bring that light and love to anyone who has the pleasure of using eclisse’s products in their beauty routine.

eclisse, The Story

eclisse founder, Wendee Saunders, started her commitment to sun protection at the age of 19 when she received her first education and advice on how critical sun protection is to anti-aging. Wendee has made sun protection a priority in her beauty regimen for decades.

“I learned early on in life that the sun is one of the number one things that damages and accelerates the age of your skin.” ~ Wendee

The conversation around adamant strict sun protection came up again when she had Open Heart Surgery and wanted to minimize the appearance of her scar. 

Consulting with her best esthetician about her scar she was instructed on a product routine that included a ‘no matter what’ she could not get sun on her scar for one year, not even through a shirt. Sunscreen, SPF, would not be enough to diminish the pigmentation of her scar. She was told she needed to wear sun protective clothing with UPF. 

“It was through my struggle to find fashionable Sun Protective Clothing that eclisse was born. I wanted to wear things that protected my skin from the sun but didn’t want to compromise fashion. All I could find were things that were either very basic or so thick and tight that I felt like I was wearing a rash guard. I hated that I had to compromise my style in order to protect my skin.” ~ Wendee