Merrick Scarf

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Wrap yourself in sophisticated sun protection with UPF50+ scarf. The Merrick is elegant skincare. Designed with fashion in mind, our scarves offer a chic shield against harmful UV rays. Aging is not limited to the face; the decolletage is an area that shows age related sun damage the fastest. Women everywhere wish they would have paid more attention to their decolletage in their early years. Now there's no excuse.

The Merrick Scarf will protect your skin from the sun wherever you wear it. We suggest adding the Merrick to your daily beauty regimen and all of your sunny activities. You can wear it over your decolletage, shoulders or you can drape it over your legs by the pool or at the game.

It is perfect for all skin types. There is no need to reapply because eclisse stays on until you take it off.

The Merrick Scarf is named after our Founder, Wendee's Heart Surgeon. Dr. Merrick Kirschner performed Open Heart Surgery on Wendee in November of 2020. Wendee's concern about her chest scar was the very reason eclisse was born.  You can read the full story here on our website.

Prints Custom Designed by the eclisse family.

Color: Royal
Color: Royal

Product information

100% Silk

Measures 36” x 36”

Hand Wash. Use a mesh pressing cloth with your iron for wrinkles.